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How to Pick a Swiss Bank Account When Choosing Multi-Family Office Services

Independent Asset Managers provides wealth management services independent of a bank. Many independent asset managers began their careers as personal bankers. As an investor, you’ll gain the benefit of their extensive network of connections and their expertise in the investment field. This is particularly useful if you are looking for an investment strategy but don’t have someone on your staff with whom you can consult. Additionally, being an independent account holder allows you to keep much of the fees you would pay a bank or such other financial institution.

The most common types of investments an independent asset manager provides include: estate, cash and stocks, bonds, commodities, equities, and derivatives (recreational, interest, mortgage). You can also find a good independent manager by simply asking your financial planner or stockbroker for recommendations. If they have any names of people they think are good at being independent, ask them about the company or firm and the person responsible for their diversification advice. If you can find no name in this category, begin researching the possibilities. Here’s what you’ll want to know:


How does an independent asset manager ensure complete transparency? In Switzerland, they have strict regulations regarding investment practices. Their system of supervision is quite complex, involving a number of government offices and agencies. The Swiss government has a system of taxation, which taxes income from all sources and heavily taxes on luxury items. In order to remain on the safe side, many wealthy individuals and families avoid Switzerland altogether. For most people who choose to do business there, however, there is no need to hide assets.


What about estate and retirement planning? Most reputable banks in Switzerland do not make direct investments in these areas. Instead, they work with independent asset managers to provide those investments. These experts will manage those assets without any involvement by the bank in the process. For families or individuals interested in making sure their money is completely safe throughout the years, this option may be preferable.


When should I use a private bank for my investments? You can always take advantage of the services of a qualified independent asset manager, but that’s not always the case. If you’re just starting out, it’s generally best to start off with a local bank and move gradually to larger and more stable ones as you progress.


How can I find reputable private banks in Switzerland? There are a number of ways to find reputable Swiss banks. For starters, you can check with your personal bank, of course. If your financial portfolio is built up over several years, there’s a very good chance you’ve run into some Swiss banks.


You can also look at websites run by the Swiss National Bank, which maintains a directory of banks that specialize in wealth management. There is also Wealthy Swiss Bank, which maintains an online database of Swiss banks that can be accessed with the Swiss Government’s official web portal. The International Business Times and Dealbook are other good sources of lists of reputable Swiss banks. You can also search the internet for “Swiss bank” or “wealth management.” In addition to using these websites to locate the names of Swiss banks, you can also use sites run by insurance agencies, wealth management firms, or tax consultancies to learn more about how to invest your money in Swiss banks.


What are some of the advantages of having a Swiss bank account? For one, there’s less risk involved in your transactions. When choosing an independent asset manager, it’s important to find someone who is honest and has a good track record. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you fully understand how the process works and whether or not there are any extra fees. Read through all documents provided with the contract and ensure that you have the full understanding of all terms.

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