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Independent Asset Manager Investment Manager

An independent wealth manager based in Singapore which also offers its clients venture capital and fund investment solutions.


As a Multi-family Office, GEC caters to clients seeking to diversify their assets and access the Asian financial markets by providing expertise in the areas of investment outlook, portfolio allocation strategy and legacy planning.

Our family of funds also offer access to alternative investments across the technology startup as well as real estate development sectors. Founded by a diverse team of professionals in Singapore, our deep understanding of Asia is an integral part of our value proposition.

Golden Equator Capital

Andreas Schwarz
Director, Wealth Manager


Founded 2011
Ownership Private
Presence Local
No. of employees -
Country of origin Singapore
Asia offices in SG
Fee class $ $ $ $ $
Suitable for clients with US$1 - 10 mil



Discretionary Investment Management

Regional focused Investment Portfolios

Investment portfolios with regional focus are available.

Global investment portfolios

Investment portfolios with global focus are available.

Wealth Planning

Other Services


Golden Equator Capital are set up as a Multi-Family Office offering investments in PE and VC Funds. Their approach is to identify companies with potential and sustainable businesses, injecting intellectual capital and expertise into their portfolio of investment companies that range from startups and companies developing software solutions, Fintech, e-commerce solutions and P2P applications.

Why Choose GEC?


Focused Strategies

Investment Funds offered include FinTech, Digital Marketplaces, Software solutions, Asian Real Estate Development and FX strategies


Asian Growth Story

A good fit for investors looking for Asia-centric investment strategies



Clients can leverage their in-house Private Equity and Venture Capital expertise. GEC constantly look out for investment opportunities to help entrepreneurs and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs); clients can benefit from their ideas and insights.



Their management team is comprised of professionals from backgrounds in the sectors they focus on, providing expertise and mentorship to their portfolio companies


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Golden Equator Capital

An independent wealth manager based in Singapore which also offers its clients venture capital and fund investment solutions.