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Independent Asset Manager

One of Singapore's preeminent independent wealth management firms, founded in 2009.


HP Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm founded in 2009 to provide independent advice and tailor-made investment management services to high net worth individuals and families. Our business model is simple: Our business partners choose the custodian bank where they would like to maintain their portfolio and we are given a limited power of attorney to operate the account, either on a discretionary or advisory basis.

HP Wealth Management

Urs Brutsch
Managing Partner & Founder


We are the trusted adviser to a wide range of predominantly Asian clients. Our interest is aligned with our clients, who pay us for advice or investment management. We do not work with retrocessions.

Founded 2009
Ownership Private
Presence Local
No. of employees 15
Country of origin Singapore
Asia offices in SG
Fee class $ $ $ $ $
Suitable for clients with Over US$10 mil



Our core competence is managing money. However, we work with a wide range of professionals to ensure our clients get access to the best solutions available in the various areas.

Advisory Investment Management

Fees are charged per transaction

Clients are charged a brokerage fee per trade by the custodian bank of their choice. Our firm is paid an advisory fee which is charged quarterly

A fixed fee is charged per annum

Clients can chose to pay a fixed fee, rather than a percentage over AUM

Discretionary Investment Management

Wealth Planning

Other Services


A boutique wealth manager specialising in advising and managing the wealth affairs of ultra high net worth individuals and family offices.

Founded by one of Singapore's independent asset manager pioneers, Urs Brutsch, HP Wealth Management are a class act. They have grown organically sine 2009 and are one of the leading boutiques in town. Not only that but unlike many of the 'IAMs' they boast a very mixed client demographic with a substantial and growing base of Asian clients.

Our clients tell us that their investment management team and ability to source interesting private investment opportunities is impressive.

Why HP Wealth?



Not tied to any banks or institutions, this boutique has 'open-architecture'.



An established Singapore based wealth manager, providing solutions to Asian and international clients since 2009.

HP Wealth Management

One of Singapore's preeminent independent wealth management firms, founded in 2009.