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Corporate Services Accounting and Tax Trust Specialist

A global accounting firm that provides trust and taxation services to individuals and corporations.


Rawlinson & Hunter is an international group of professional service firms, specialising in accounting, trust and taxation advice. In Singapore we give our clients the best of both worlds: a boutique, highly personal service, backed by the infrastructure and expertise of a global network. We specialise in providing accounting, tax, trust and company administration services for entrepreneurs and wealthy clients.

Rawlinson & Hunter

Peter Milnes
Managing Director


Founded 1933
Ownership Partnership
Presence Global
No. of employees 15
Country of origin UK
Asia offices in SG
Fee class $ $ $ $ $
Suitable for clients with Over US$10 mil


Tax advice
Providing global tax advice to wealthy investors. Their network and expertise makes them a one-stop shop for the global investor. They also provide accounting services to private and corporate clients alike

They are licensed in Singapore to structure and form Trusts. Trusts fit in to succession and inheritance tax planning which forms a large part of their Asia practice for high net worth investors.

Full service
Providing a full range of services from corporate out-sourcing, charity and private client services including trust structuring and trust administration through trustee services to complex multi- jurisdictional tax planning.

With offices in London, New Zealand, Guernsey and Jersey, Switzerland, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Singapore and Australia, they provide truly global advice and solutions, especially for clients with profiles in many jurisdictions.

Tax Compliance Services


Tax Filing

Can work with US linked Clients

Other Services

Trust Jurisdictions Offered

Family Office Services

Asset Types Accepted In Trusts

Tax Advisory

How Fees Are Charged

Trust Types


This global multi-service tax and trust services firm is growing in Singapore, servicing high net worth individuals and families from across the region with high quality adivce and service.

Unlike many trust and corporate services firms, Rawlinson and Hunter are strong in Accounting and Tax, as well as providing Tax Advice. They are also independetly owned, there very few remaining on a global scale, which in their opinion strongly aligns them to the interests of their clients.

"This is one of the best professional service firms you will find in Singapore", says one of our clients. An opinion that we would echo.

Why Rawlinson & Hunter?


Private Ownership

Unlike most of their industry peers, they are privately owned which, in their opinion, better aligns them to their clients' interest.


Multiple Services

They provide global trust, tax and corporate services to high net worth individuals and families from Asia and across their world.


Tax Advice

A key differentiator to other competitors is that they can provide tax advice across a wide range of international jurisdictions.

Rawlinson & Hunter

A global accounting firm that provides trust and taxation services to individuals and corporations.