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This family owned Swiss private bank is making big moves in Asia, and has one of the highest Tier 1 capital ratios in the industry.


Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) was founded in 1969 by Edgar de Picciotto, whose vision from the outset was to offer investors a high-quality and innovative wealth and asset management service. This approach has guided us through the decades and has led us to focus exclusively on the activity we excel at – global wealth management for private clients along with bespoke investment solutions for institutional clients.

In its fifty-year history, not only has the Bank maintained its independence – being fully owned by the de Picciotto family – it has also achieved remarkable growth. Today, UBP stands among the leaders in the field of wealth managament in Switzerland, and ranks among the best-capitalised banks in Europe.

Mike Blake
CEO, Asia


Founded 1969
Ownership Private
Presence Global
No. of employees 
Country of origin Switzerland
Asia offices in HK, SG
Fee class $ $ $ $ $
Suitable for clients with US$1 – 10 mil


Discretionary Investment Management

Regional focused Investment Portfolios

Investment portfolios with regional focus are available.

Global investment portfolios

Investment portfolios with global focus are available.

Other Services


This independently owned private bank from Switzerland acquired the Coutts operations in Singapore and Hong Kong in 2015. That momentum is continuing with strong growth in Asia businessreported in 2016 as the firm brings in new bankers and looks to the region as key for the future of the company.

UBP may not yet be a household name in Asia but their intentions are loud and they do most private banking services very well. Building and managing investment portfolios is at the heart of their strengths and in particular our clients cite their alternative investment offering as something notably different to the rest of the competition.

Why UBP?



UBP are growing fast and are now in the top 20 largest private banks in Asia – measured by client assets managed.



They have a strong background in investment management and are leaders in alternative investments such as hedge funds and private equity.



One of just a few ‘pure-play’ private banks, they specialise in servicing private clients and families with no so-called ‘investment banking conflicts’.


This family owned Swiss private bank is making big moves in Asia, and has one of the highest Tier 1 capital ratios in the industry.


Private Banks

Private Banks

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top 10 asian stock markets 2017

The Top 10 List Of Asian Stock Markets

This is the top 10 Asian stock markets to invest in for both savvy investors and total beginners. These are all reputable and reliable companies that have been around for quite a while. They are reliable because they meet minimum standards of providing liquidity and steady growth, and also because they provide excellent support to their clients. This is one of the reasons why these companies continue to be on the top of the investment ladder. You can learn more about them in this article.

top 10 asian stock markets 2017
top 10 asian stock markets 2017

The top markets to invest in are the Japanese, Chinese and Indian markets. They have been providing investors with the kind of stability and growth that investors desire. These three markets have had a great run over the last decade, and have been in constant growth ever since.

This is the first part of the top 10 Asian stock markets. The second part involves the characteristics of the three Asian stock markets. They are known for their long histories and solidify their reliability year after year. Investors have confidence in these companies because they have been growing for many years. They have been able to keep costs low while increasing profits, and are recognized internationally for this quality. It is no surprise that they are still at the top.

No matter where you are located in the world, you can invest in the Japanese and Chinese stock markets. There is no need to travel to Asia for this. All you have to do is access your Internet. You will soon see that there are plenty of options available for investors. This is because the two Asian countries have a lot of land mass, thus making it easy to find a profitable company. The government encourages investors to put money into the country’s stock markets, which are considered as the largest financial market in the world.

Investors are not only interested in putting money in the Japanese and Chinese stocks. They also want to know more about the other stock markets. Some of these companies include the Nikkei, Taiwan’s New Taipei Stock Exchange, and the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. Investing in them would mean getting an understanding of each one. Investors need to be familiar with the business model, the companies’ history, and what type of stock they trade in. If this information is not given to investors, they may not be able to invest intelligently.

Investors may also want to know about the different types of stock used in the Asian markets. For example, they have one type of share and one type of stock. They may also know how a company makes money, and they can use this to determine which company is a good choice. They can even research on the Internet before investing, to see if they can find any news about a company or its stock.

Although it takes some work and research, doing the top 10 is possible with some research. It should be done thoroughly. Many experts say that no matter what type of investor you are, you should know everything about your stock markets. Having knowledge will help you make wise decisions on what stocks to purchase or sell. Without knowledge, you will be making common mistakes that could cost you money instead of making good ones.

Doing the top 10 is not difficult at all. You just have to put in some time and research. There are many sources on the Internet where investors can get the information they need to do the top 10. These are just some of the reasons why Asian stock markets are the top option for investors to choose to make money.


When Investing in the Jewellery Market

Expert jewellers will be able to give you insider information on the latest trends in the jewellery industry. With their vast knowledge of precious stones, beads and other accessories, they will also be able to give you an insight into what times are good to buy and when is the best time to sell. Many jewellers will provide expert insights into the best time for you to buy and sell the jewellery that you love. There are also expert jewellers who are willing to help you manage your jewellery investments. This means that instead of being in the store all the time, you can leave some of your transactions to them so that they do not have to worry about dealing with customer complaints or dealing with their own stock.

When Investing in the Jewellery Market
When Investing in the Jewellery Market

The best thing about these expert jewellers is that their expertise will go a long way in making sure that your investment turns out to be a success. They will take the time to check out all the latest trends in the industry as well as making sure that their store is up to date with the latest accessories and gemstones. They will also give you advice about the best time of year for your investment to be made. With their help, you will have access to the widest selection of jewellery in the market, so you will have a wide array of items to choose from, no matter what your tastes and preferences may be.

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How to Pick a Swiss Bank Account When Choosing Multi-Family Office Services

Independent Asset Managers provides wealth management services independent of a bank. Many independent asset managers began their careers as personal bankers. As an investor, you’ll gain the benefit of their extensive network of connections and their expertise in the investment field. This is particularly useful if you are looking for an investment strategy but don’t have someone on your staff with whom you can consult. Additionally, being an independent account holder allows you to keep much of the fees you would pay a bank or such other financial institution.

The most common types of investments an independent asset manager provides include: estate, cash and stocks, bonds, commodities, equities, and derivatives (recreational, interest, mortgage). You can also find a good independent manager by simply asking your financial planner or stockbroker for recommendations. If they have any names of people they think are good at being independent, ask them about the company or firm and the person responsible for their diversification advice. If you can find no name in this category, begin researching the possibilities. Here’s what you’ll want to know:


How does an independent asset manager ensure complete transparency? In Switzerland, they have strict regulations regarding investment practices. Their system of supervision is quite complex, involving a number of government offices and agencies. The Swiss government has a system of taxation, which taxes income from all sources and heavily taxes on luxury items. In order to remain on the safe side, many wealthy individuals and families avoid Switzerland altogether. For most people who choose to do business there, however, there is no need to hide assets.


What about estate and retirement planning? Most reputable banks in Switzerland do not make direct investments in these areas. Instead, they work with independent asset managers to provide those investments. These experts will manage those assets without any involvement by the bank in the process. For families or individuals interested in making sure their money is completely safe throughout the years, this option may be preferable.


When should I use a private bank for my investments? You can always take advantage of the services of a qualified independent asset manager, but that’s not always the case. If you’re just starting out, it’s generally best to start off with a local bank and move gradually to larger and more stable ones as you progress.


How can I find reputable private banks in Switzerland? There are a number of ways to find reputable Swiss banks. For starters, you can check with your personal bank, of course. If your financial portfolio is built up over several years, there’s a very good chance you’ve run into some Swiss banks.


You can also look at websites run by the Swiss National Bank, which maintains a directory of banks that specialize in wealth management. There is also Wealthy Swiss Bank, which maintains an online database of Swiss banks that can be accessed with the Swiss Government’s official web portal. The International Business Times and Dealbook are other good sources of lists of reputable Swiss banks. You can also search the internet for “Swiss bank” or “wealth management.” In addition to using these websites to locate the names of Swiss banks, you can also use sites run by insurance agencies, wealth management firms, or tax consultancies to learn more about how to invest your money in Swiss banks.


What are some of the advantages of having a Swiss bank account? For one, there’s less risk involved in your transactions. When choosing an independent asset manager, it’s important to find someone who is honest and has a good track record. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you fully understand how the process works and whether or not there are any extra fees. Read through all documents provided with the contract and ensure that you have the full understanding of all terms.