5 Most Expensive Homes Sold In Asia In 2017


5 Most Expensive Homes Sold In Asia In 2017

What bubble? Asian property prices just continue to soar to new heights. As we close out 2017, we take a look back at the five most expensive homes sold this year in Asia.

Published on 15 December 2017

This past year has seen Hong Kong continue to demand the highest home prices in the region and take the top four spots of our list of the five most expensive homes sold in 2017. With record after record consistently being set, it looks like the ex-British colony and Chinese Special Administrative Region will stay on the top for some time to come. In fact, talk of a bubble bursting for years has not drastically changed the market and real estate agency; Colliers International Group Inc, expect Hong Kong home prices to increase up to 10% next year. Not to be totally outdone, Singapore – which Hong Kong is regularly compared to – has made the list and experts are forecasting that home prices in the city-state will rise by as much as 10% next year.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 most expensive homes sold in Asia in 2017:


US$148.6 million (HKD1.16 billion)
Villa at Mount Nicholson The Peak (Hong Kong)

This mansion with 9,178 square feet was the most expensive home sold in Asia this year. Boasting a square foot price of HKD126,813 (US$16,243), this ultra exclusive property lavishes its new owner with an elevator, swimming pool, expansive harbour views and – what’s very rare to find in Hong Kong – a private garden.

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US$76.85 million (HKD600 million)
12C Mount Nicholson The Peak (Hong Kong)

Taking the second spot on our list is a 4,579-square-foot apartment in the now infamous Mount Nicholson development, built by Wheelock Properties, at Hong Kong’s most sought after location – The Peak. The property’s price is the second highest total value on our list and the third highest on a price per square foot basis at HKD131,000 (US$16,780).


US$71.73 million (HKD560 million)
12D Mount Nicholson The Peak (Hong Kong)

The same buyer of number two on our list also snapped up this apartment. Located next door to their other unit at Mount Nicholson, the apartment, although lower in total price, actually has the highest price per square foot of any residential unit sold this year in at HKD132,000 (US$16,907). Neither the first or second apartment included a parking space at this price.


US$66.86 million (HKD522 million)
39 Conduit Road (Hong Kong)

The fourth spot on our list is still in Hong Kong, however a little bit lower down in Hong Kong Island’s Mid-Level neighbourhood. 39 Conduit Road is a luxury condominium building built by Henderson Land Development Company. At HKD105,000 (US$13,449) per square foot and a sale price of HKD522 million, the apartment sits firmly in fourth place. The unit huge at 4,971 square feet has an incredible private swimming pool and, unlike the units at Mount Nicholson, provides its lucky buyer three parking spaces.

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US$44.5 million (S$60 million)
Scultpura Ardmore (Singapore)

Finally a home not in Hong Kong. The property rounding out our top five comes from Singapore and cost an astonishing S$60 million or S$5,824 (US$4,321) per square foot when sold in August of this year. At 10,300 square feet, this luxury property is the largest on our list and even has its own cantilevered swimming pool reaching out over the city below. Some reports suggest the unit was purchased by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, although we cannot confirm this.

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