The Top 7 Investment Websites for Asian Investors


The Top 7 Investment Websites for Asian Investors

To help Asian investors like you to get better informed, we identify some of the most useful online resources suitable for investors interested in the Asian markets which include news aggregators and independent thought publications.

Published on 1 July 2016

How will the next Fed meeting go? What are the Singapore-based bonds that I can look at? What will happen to the Asian markets if the US increases rates? How is the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index trading?

To find value, investors like you search for answers over the Internet. Often times you face an immense clutter of information. Sometimes, there is a dearth of information.

We at WEALTH understand that this can be a hassle to deal with. This is especially so when it comes to the developing financial systems across Asia, where many economies are still considered emerging markets.

To help Asian investors like you to get better informed, we identify some of the most useful online resources suitable for investors interested in the Asian markets. These websites include news aggregators and independent thought publications. We also recognise that general news providers such as Bloomberg and Financial Times are already being used by many, and we exclude these websites from this list.

You may be interested in diversifying your Asian portfolios with local bonds and debt instruments. However, unlike the case in Western developed economies, information on the Asian bond markets can be scarce. AsianBondsOnline can help in this regard, and is part of Asian Bond Markets Initiative (ABMI). The ABMI is supported by the Asian Development Bank and aims to promote bond market development across ASEAN +3 (China, Japan and South Korea). This website allows you to find data on bond market movements, credit risk ratings, financial news and commentary relevant to countries across ASEAN +3. It also provides useful administrative information, including the requirements individual investors must meet to purchase bonds in these economies.

Investors who wish to make investments in publicly traded Chinese companies often find it difficult to extract news or information about the Chinese stock market. China Economic Net is one of the few English language websites that aggregates such information from leading sources such as Xinhua and China Daily. Under the Business section, you can access the Markets section to find news and information about Chinese listed companies, stocks, bonds and currencies. Commentary on Chinese industries, trade and statistics can also be accessed through the Business section.

Looking for funds or unit trusts to invest in? Fundsupermart may be helpful for investors from Asia looking to compare unit trusts, bond issues and funds offered by managers worldwide. Besides providing tools that tracks the prices of funds and unit trusts, this website also offers research and insights on topics such as bond offerings, portfolio management and the investment environment. There is also a community forum for investors to contribute their opinions on funds and markets. There are different versions of this website for Asian investors from Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

Investors often have to trawl through the Internet to find information direct from public companies. This becomes a bigger task when the companies are listed in different exchanges. Your job could be made easier by, which is rated by TIME and Forbes magazines as one of the best websites for investment research. This investment website offers free access to investors who wish to evaluate verbatim IR information direct from public companies in one single location. These include financial reports, announcements, investor presentations and stock quotes.

Many investors are increasingly casting their eyes on Indonesia, Focusing on Southeast Asia’s largest economy, Indonesia-Investments is a work in progress that provides information on companies listed and operating in this promising archipelago. You can find a directory of companies (including those publicly traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange or privately held), statistics on Indonesian macroeconomic indicators, the Indonesian tax system, investment projects and commentary on the Indonesian financial markets. This website is available in Bahasa Indonesia, Dutch and English.

Investors interested in the Hong Kong market can track latest news about counters listed in this Asian financial centre on Quamnet. This website provides market updates, access to more information about publicly traded Hong Kong companies, and insights from investment writers and professionals. Premium content, available only to subscribers, also include insights and commentary from a fundamentals-based approach.

SG Share Investor began life as a blog and crossed viewership of 1 million in April 2016. This website lists aggregates data on Singapore stock indices, summaries of views from financial analysts and investment bloggers, news and general information relating to companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Investors interested in the Singapore stock market can find useful summaries of investment research reports from leading brokerages, latest business news and corporate announcements on this website.

Final Comment

Although these websites are helpful and provide information that can be useful for your analysis, closely monitor the type of data you are reading and beware of any biased views. Even as investment websites help to shed light on certain issues, it is important to exercise an objective and balanced mind when making investment decisions. This is why appointing a financial advisor or wealth manager can go a long way towards evaluating your investment approach and strategies. You can explore such options through WEALTH.