Hong Kong VS Singapore – Comparing Two Asian Tigers

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Well, Hong Kong or Singapore is the comparison of two Asian Tigers that has become inevitable. They are the twin cities of China and Singapore and have been trading for over a hundred years already. These two cities provide what most tourists look for, a breathtaking view of the city and some great shopping experiences. If you visit either one of these cities, you will get the experience of a lifetime.

The history of both these cities goes back many years ago, when Confucianism was still in full force and China was still in the period of the Three Kingdoms period. In the Ming Dynasty, it was the Portuguese who ruled over China, but they were not able to penetrate deeply into India due to the superior warriors of the Indian army. When the Western world started to open their doors to China, the Chinese government started to develop its own civilization and asked for assistance from Western countries. As a result, the Portuguese gave them all the help they could so they can develop their country and win over their enemies.

Hong Kong VS Singapore - Comparing Two Asian Tigers

Hong Kong VS Singapore – Comparing Two Asian Tigers

Now, both the cities have gone through tremendous development and have become very different from each other. Hong Kong still maintains its ancient culture with the high buildings and traditional ambience. On the other hand, Singapore is just like any other modern city. Both have good food and people are happy living there. But which one would you prefer, Hong Kong or Singapore?

In this article, we will see the pros and cons of these amazing cities. First off, Hong Kong is dominated by the finance industry. It is the world’s largest financial center, and at the same time it maintains its economic independence. It also has a strong industrial base as well as the most efficient transportation network. However, unlike other Chinese cities, Hong Kong enjoys free trade with all other countries, unlike most Asian tigers that were forced to open their doors to foreign companies after they suffered economic crisis.

Due to its superior transportation system, Hong Kong has become an international business center. Some of the most famous companies in the world like Hilton, Johnson & Johnson, and KPMG are headquartered in this city. On the other hand, Singapore is totally different with its mild climate, clean air and low crime rate. It is a perfect place for starting a new life and it has a great job market.

Both cities are also famous for their natural beauty. The Hong Kong Island has the most beautiful scenery in the entire world. It is surrounded by oceans, hills, mountains and grassland. On the other hand, Singapore’s island is completely land-based. This gives the city a totally different atmosphere.

Both the cities are known for their great weather. Rain is very rare in Hong Kong and only the Orient Island experiences it occasionally. However, in Singapore the weather is mostly hot and humid all year round. So you better be prepared for the heat!

As you can see, these two Asian Tigers have different characteristics. But they have one thing in common: Both of them have a high quality of life. They are the pride of the nation. Thus, we should try to visit both of these cities once in our lifetime so that we can experience the differences for ourselves!

The economy of both the cities is very diversified. In the city of Hong Kong, the dominant industry is finance and banking. The manufacturing of most of the products is done in China. This is why the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is relatively higher in Hong Kong than in Singapore.

Singapore, on the other hand, is primarily an industrial and commercial city. This is why its economy is based largely on exports. However, the government has taken the initiative to diversify the economy. For example, it introduced a free trade zone and opened up agricultural policies for local farmers. Overall, this is a great place for business and for spending good time.

Both the cities are very accessible. Getting around from either of these cities is very easy. Both of them have good international airport services. And getting a hotel room in either of these cities is also easy. Most tourists prefer to stay in a hotel in Hong Kong due to the cheaper rates. But if you want to save more money, you can choose to stay in a hotel in Singapore.

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