Launch Of New Luxury Lifestyle Platform

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Launch Of New Luxury Lifestyle Platform

WEALTH celebrates new website by Billionaire Magazine with an exclusive partnership - subscribers are entitled to free investment portfolio review by our panel of experts and advisors.

Published on 21 October 2016

A fresh take on luxury lifestyle content ranging from world affairs, culture to art is what the new digital edition of Billionaire Magazine has to offer. We speak to Daniel Hilarion Lim, Managing Editor, Billionaire Magazine, for more on the new platform targeted at successful business leaders, investors, passionate collectors, entrepreneurs and creatives.

We speak to Daniel Hilarion Lim, Managing Editor of Billionaire Magazine for more.

What is the difference between Billionaire Magazine’s digital platform and the new digital addition, is the local version of Being a local edition of an international magazine, we have the unique opportunity of reinterpreting what it means to be a Billionaire reader in Singapore. And this is best summed up in our pillars: Leadership, Passion and Innovation. Our readers are successful business leaders, investors, passionate collectors, entrepreneurs and creatives. People who don’t only want to play the game, they seek to change it.

What is the USP of

Unlike traditional luxury publications, we present luxury in a meaningful and non-ostentatious way that is relatable to our readers who comprise business owners, people who work in start-ups and investors. We also take a fresh approach to business, finance, passion investments, getting insightful opinions from industry insiders. On top of it all, we give insight into the world of art, world affairs, culture, vehicles and travel.

What is the publisher’s purpose of launching this new product?

Singapore is such a vibrant space for entrepreneurs, wealth generators, social enterprises and start-ups. We see an opportunity to connect and engage with these people within the various communities in a way that a lot of local magazines have been unable to.

When is the official launch for

DANIEL: We’ll be having a soft launch this week, but our official launch date is 17th November and we’ll be throwing a launch party at Collision 8 on the day.

We are offering free investment portfolio reviews for the readers who signed up on What other exclusive promotions do you have for WEALTH’s readers?

Anyone who signs up on will also receive a list of early bird benefits including access to the Billionaire Wine Club and subscriptions to both print and tablet editions of the magazine. There will be invites to exclusive events and networking opportunities. There are also bespoke members-only travel deals and the lucky few will also receive a free 6-month subscription to the print edition of Billionaire Magazine Singapore and an invite to our launch party at Collision 8.

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