Singapore ranks no 4 for foreigners investing

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The first thing you notice about Singapore is that it is a very small place. It can be considered as one among the developing countries of Southeast Asia. And this nation doesn’t have a very developed transportation system, being tied up with a colonial-era transport system that dates back almost half a century. But this “indispensable trading post” turned into a modern country, complete with modernizing metropolis and the most modern airport in Southeast Asia. And now it scores very high on the “most livable cities” list – thanks to some remarkable developments happening here in the last decade or so.

Singapore ranks no 4 for foreigners investing

Singapore ranks no 4 for foreigners investing

A trip to Singapore will reveal a country where one can experience everything the word “city” has to offer. And with its close proximity to Hong Kong and Macau, Singapore serves as the gateway to these rapidly growing South East Asian neighbors. It is also a very stable and prosperous country, not dependent on European or American sources of economic aid. The current government’s economic stimulus package initiated by the center-right government has led to skyrocketing growth of the economy here. But still, this “small island” needs some major investments in infrastructure, both in terms of improving the city’s road network and constructing new roads around the periphery.

Singapore ranks no 4 in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) of most developed countries. The index rates countries based on how poor is the performance of public service, and how honest are the government’s handling of public issues. Singapore, unlike many other countries, has a very high score in the area. This means that Singapore’s government takes corruption very seriously, doing everything possible to eradicate corruption from the public sector.

One could draw the conclusion that high human development contributes to Singapore’s high life expectancy. Life expectancy in Singapore is 66 years for men and 65 years for women. No wonder then that the infant mortality rate is low in Singapore, even though it is higher than in most other countries. And Singapore has a low crime rate, which makes the city quite safe for living. In addition, Singapore has one of the lowest levels of cigarette smoking and other tobacco consumption.

A fourth advantage Singapore has is its friendly government. People live in a country where they are well cared for. They have a low cost of living due to good exchange rates and low import duties. The government also does not tax its people excessively. All these factors work together to make Singapore a very welcoming country to immigrants.

A fifth advantage is its location: Singapore is conveniently located to Hong Kong, Macau, and Tokyo. It is a great trade partner with all the neighboring countries, providing a good source of income. Its location and economy are key factors in the success of the country, which leads to its high rank in the Global Competitiveness Index. And the government is doing everything it can to protect the economy from external threats. That’s why Singapore scores a high overall score in the World Wide Webmarks for Trustworthiness and Cautions against Internet predators.

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