Top 10 Countries For Expats To Live In

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Top 10 Countries For Expats To Live In

Singapore takes the top spot in the HSBC ranking for the third consecutive year, but the rest of the list may surprise you.

Published on 13 October 2017

HSBC recently revealed the results of their annual Expat Explorer Survey, which ranks the top 10 best countries for expats to live in. They asked 27,587 expats in 159 countries and territories what they felt about where they resided. Their responses were divided into three different categories – Economics, Experience, and Family – which told an interesting story. Some countries on the top 10 list were expected, while others raised a few eyebrows. We’ll let you decide.

10. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a well-known expat haunt. Only around 11% of the population is actually made up of Emirati citizens. Most expats coming to work in the business sector will choose Dubai or the capital Abu Dhabi. The country is clean, safe, and offers an income tax rate of 0%.

9. Austria

Austria takes the number nine spot on the list. The main reason being the high quality of life that expats enjoy while living there. According to Mercer – a human resources consulting firm – Vienna was their number one choice as the best city for expats to live. This is nothing new though, it has won eight years in a row. The expats living there also said they enjoy the numerous cultural experiences on offer and 80% said they have a better work-life balance after their move.

8. Sweden

Moving to Sweden provides great benefits for expat families – 71% of parents surveyed said that setting up childcare and school was a breeze in the Scandinavian country. Even 72% of expats said that childcare in Sweden was superior to what they had back home. This is compared to an average globally of 39% and 43%. A significant difference if you can bear the weather and high taxes.

7. Australia

Well, there are a few reasons to head down under. As much as we hear how great Australia has been in regards to the job market, the standout point that was made in the survey was the healthy lifestyle that expats experience while living there. 72% of expats said their children’s health improved since relocating to Australia, while 58% reported that their own health had improved.

6. Canada

Situated above the US and known for everything from Tim Hortons to Mounties, Canada is a large and diverse country. However, that’s only part of what makes it sixth on our list. People surveyed said that it was more welcoming than where they came from by an incredible 76%. Other areas such as political stability and confidence in the economy were also key factors.

5. Netherlands

Much like Sweden, the land of clogs is a family-friendly place to live, and expats surveyed also touted the county’s healthcare and education systems. Both ranked in the 70 percentile. This was a massive jump for the Dutch nation as last year it ranked a mere 15th on the list.

4. Germany

Although not scoring too high in any category, overall Germany scored enough points to finish in the 4th spot on the list. A total of 62% of the people surveyed thought that their career would progress well in Germany – more than the global average of 54%. The European nation ranked third out of all of the countries in terms of the economy.

3. New Zealand

The Kiwis have created the third best place for expats to live, according to this year’s survey. The South Pacific nation took the top spot in the survey section pertaining to the day-to-day experience. Areas like outdoor activities and how easy it is to move in and feel at home all scored highly. Interestingly, seven out of 10 expats who move to New Zealand stay there for at least five years. Throughout the rest of the world, it’s just over half.

2. Norway

The nation of fjords ranks second on the list. The prospect of a having a high earning job apparently outweighs the equally high taxes in the Scandinavian country. An amazing 84% of expats surveyed, compared to 53% internationally, felt their career was in good hands in Norway.

1. Singapore

Well, it’s no surprise that Singapore ranks first on the list of countries for expats to live and work. It has taken the top spot three years in a row and doesn’t show any signs of relinquishing its position. Areas such as holiday time (50%), children’s quality of life (74%), safety compared to their home country (82%), and the strength of the government (83%) all played their part in keeping Singapore at the top.