Top 10 Most Valuable Unicorns In The World


Top 10 Most Valuable Unicorns In The World

How much are the biggest start-ups in the world worth?

Published on 5 October 2017

No, we’re not talking about the mythical creature. Coined in 2013, the term “unicorn” describes any startup company valued at over US$1 billion. Here we take a look at the top 10 most valuable unicorns in the world today. Not surprisingly, they are all based in the US and China.

1. uber (US$69 billion) – US

The ridesharing technology company tops our list of unicorns. Valued at US$69 billion, the nine-year-old company leads the way in the crowdsourcing of cars and taxis. However, internal company culture issues and competitors could knock it off the top spot, eventually.

2. didi chuxing (US$50 billion) – China

Similar to Uber, the ride-hailing firm from China is number two on our list. Founded in 2012, its service is available in more than 400 cities across China. Now they have the European in their sights, through an investment in Estonia’s Taxify OU.

3. xiaomi (US$46 billion) – China

The electronics company is the world’s third most valuable unicorn. Perhaps most notably known for their mobile phones, the seven-year-old startup actually makes everything from headphones to television boxes.

4. airbnb (US$29.3 billion) – US

The online marketplace for short-term lettings took the globe by storm when it launched in 2008. Having made major inroads into the traditional hotel market, it’s now facing setbacks in certain cities. However, Airbnb is still standing tall enough to be number four on the list.

5. spaceX (US$21.2 billion) – US

Elon Musk is shooting for the stars with the fifth entry on the list. Having raised US$1.5 billion in nine rounds of funding, the rocket and spacecraft company, founded in 2002, now pretty much dominates the private space race in the US. The gap in public funding for NASA has really given the private sector a major boost.

6. palantir technologies (US$20 billion) – US

The American software company headed by Alexander Karp comes in at number six. Established in 2004, this data mining firm works with a number of different industries including the government, commercial entities, and non-profits.

7. wework (US$20 billion) – US

New York-based WeWork is taking over the world with its coworking spaces. With locations from Miami to London and Tel Aviv, the seven-year-old company is on a rapid and massive expansion drive. It has big plans for further offices in Asia with locations in Singapore and Tokyo opening soon.

8. (US$18.5 billion) – China has grown to become the second largest peer-to-peer lender in China in a mere six years. The Shanghai-based company is a member of the Ping An Group.

9. china internet plus holding (US$18 billion) – China

The food delivery and online to offline booking service enables users to take advantage of discounts on everything from restaurants to movie tickets and even groceries.

10. pinterest (US$12.3 billion) – US

The social media platform which enables users to share images takes the final spot on the top 10 list. Founded in 2009, it is used by individuals to collate ideas for everything from food recipes to wedding dresses.


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