Why Your Wealth Management Journey Starts With Understanding Yourself

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Why Your Wealth Management Journey Starts With Understanding Yourself

Managing Director of Cazenove Capital Management Asia, Sandy Dudgeon, shares more about the company’s philosophy of putting clients and their needs at the centre of their work.

Published on 5 October 2016

What do you need and want from your money? How would you feel after losing 10% of your investment? Cazenove Capital Management Asia wants to know them all.

That is because individual thinking is central to everything that they do. Apart from finding out your financial requirements and investment objectives, their approach is to take time to understand you. This way, they will be able to deliver a tailored portfolio management service. We speak with Sandy Dudgeon, Managing Director of Cazenove Capital, on the changing needs of clients in the wealth management sector and why building a relationship of trust with you is as important to them as the successful management of your wealth.

Each of our clients is an individual
Central to our business is our belief that each of our clients is an individual and should be treated so. We explore each client’s needs in detail and advise them on the most suitable financial solutions for their particular circumstances. In essence, we ensure that our clients always come first.

When deciding on your best advisor, you need to understand yourself first.
What are your objectives?
What you need and want from your money and when. This can cover both short- and long-term objectives.

How much risk are you willing to take?
How would you feel in certain scenarios, for example losing 10% of your money? It is worth thinking carefully about your potential reactions to these types of situations and to draw on your previous experiences.

How much will it cost?
Many clients do not ask how much they are paying in fees. All fees, not just headline fees. Excessive and opaque costs eat into the potential returns that your portfolio makes. Your adviser will be able to show you the proposed fee on a portfolio and the breakdown.

What level of service can you expect?
Service and communication are undoubtedly important, for example, you quite understandably may want to talk  to the same person, and the same team who are managing your portfolio.

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We need to understand clients’ lifestyles to develop smarter ways for them to manage their money

Delivering excellence in client experience and offering high levels of client satisfaction will remain at the forefront of what we do. With the digital landscape evolving, the rapid uptake of mobile devices, the demand for instant information and the usage of social media, we can see this culminating in an improved understanding of our clients, as well as smarter ways for clients to see how their money is managed.

Clients want transparency and increased communication

Clients have become more aware of the need for transparency within the wealth management sector. At Cazenove Capital, we are committed to total transparency to our clients on reporting and on fees. They are also increasingly appreciative of increased communication during challenging markets and performance, focusing on high quality pieces and not overloading clients with updates.    

We build on our strengths to set us apart from our competitors

The combination of the following four strengths sets us apart from our competitors:
Stability – 48% ownership by the family who founded the company over 210 years ago; our financial strength enables us to take a long-term view and focus on our clients. We have a belief that if we do a good job for our clients, then the business will also thrive.
Partnership – The longevity and experience of our people allows us to take the time to build relationships with our clients and their other advisers.
Intelligence – The combined Cazenove and Schroders group gives us unparalleled global investment expertise with the flexibility to apply individual thinking for each client.
Performance – Proven track record of achieving our clients’ objectives.